Nobody builds light fixtures like we do, period!

Our philosophy: Design with light, then choose fixtures to achieve that look and feel. 

But that doesn’t mean fixtures are an afterthought at Landscape Lighting Pro — far from it.

Light your landscape for life

When you invest in creating a beautiful outdoor space, you should be able to do it once, get it right, and enjoy it for life.

Instead, more than half our client relationships start with the replacement of a previously installed landscape lighting system that failed.

We have high standards, and our clients do to — and there aren’t many lighting manufacturers that meet our expectations. 

That’s why we invested in designing our own signature line of high-performance fixtures to bring our clients’ designs to life.

The difference is night and day.


Copper and brass fixtures stand up to the elements and develop a natural patina over the year.

Timeless look and feel

Our fixtures feature a classic aesthetic, with traditional lines with modern touches.

A bold

We stand by their quality — we offer a lifetime fixture warranty.

Illuminate and amplify your style

Most fixtures are meant to blend into the landscape. (We believe you should see the effects, not the source!)

But when curb appeal is everything, we can recommend a model that perfectly suits the scope, scale, and style of your home’s architecture and landscape. 

After all, design comes first.


“[Landscape Lighting Pro] has manufactured his own line of sturdy lighting with a lifetime warranty. It’s discreet but so beautiful at night — I keep taking peeks out the window at night.”

- Katheen K.

“I don’t know why I waited so long for this outdoor lighting upgrade (I’ve been in this house 10 years). It has exceeded my expectations in every regard.”

- Preston C.

“A hack job may be done for less, but if you want quality, craftsmanship and a company that stands by their work, go with them. The best improvement I have done to our house!”

- Bilal A.

“The materials they use are industrial grade — and by this, I mean they are beautiful yet tough-quality. Best decision we've made in regards to improving our yard!”

- Lisa H. 

See our art by night

Artiful lighting speaks for itself.


Landscape Lighting Pro’s lifetime guarantee

These fixtures are built to last and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

If one fails for any other reason than lamp burn-out, we offer complimentary repair or replacement. (If it’s more than a year after your system was installed, you’ll pay only the labor costs.)

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Fixtures are the finishing touch. 

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