Artful outdoor lighting design

The right lighting does more than illuminate your landscape. It also creates a feeling: warmth, comfort, well-being.

And creating an outdoor space as cozy and inviting as your indoors begins with thoughtful, artful design.

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Landscape Lighting Pro’s design philosophy

Why settle for a lighting contractor who’s only moonlighting?
This isn’t something we do on the side when we come to trim the hedges.

We’re all landscape lighting, all the time. (It’s even in our name.)

Before start designing, we get to know you. How do you live? Why is landscape lighting important to you right now? How you want to feel in your artfully illuminated outdoor space?

Only when we understand those things can we create a physical plan. And we can’t wait to get started.

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“My outdoor living space is truly a living room. It's a calming, relaxing, beautiful, serene place.”

- Lee Anne

“Landscape Lighting Pro totally transformed my backyard! I never thought landscape lighting would make such a difference. Highly recommended!”

- Arthur T.

“Our lighting is fabulous, but three years later, our happiness has everything to do with customer service. We know that any product we get from Landscape Lighting Pro will come with the support we need."

- Kristy

“Everywhere I look, there is something more interesting. My wife and I have traveled and been to a lot of resorts, but our favorite place is just outside our back door.”

- Jon

Fixtures that bring your design to life

After we’ve fully explored your vision, we’ll explore Landscape Lighting Pro’s high-end outdoor lighting fixtures. 

We’ll make recommendations — from timeless standout fixtures to low-profile models that vanish into the landscape — based on your tastes and the design we’ve created.

And we work only with trusted manufacturing partners so we can stand by our lifetime fixture guarantee.


Design speaks for itself.

Find design inspiration in our clients’ artfully lit outdoor living spaces.

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Make the lighting design of your dreams a reality. 

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