Landscape lighting service when you need it

Even the best lighting systems can’t stand up to time and the elements forever without a little help.

Annual service is the best way to protect your lighting investment — and it starts at less than $289 per year.

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Benefits of yearly professional outdoor lighting service

Enjoy your system worry-free

Trim overgrown vegetation

Extend your system’s life

Preserve your lights’ brightness

Maintain bulbs and fixtures

Prevent DIY mishaps

“Ty came out for a service call and quickly diagnosed our issue.He didn't oversell me on services I didn't need and just helped with the apparently easy problem at hand.”

- Houzz reviewer

“I love these guys! They do yearly maintenance on my landscape lighting and are prompt and so friendly.”

- Susan W. 

“Service is where Landscape Lighting Pro really distinguishes itself. The crew takes care of every problem promptly and correctly.”

- Jim

Our service plans


One visit per year


Two visits per year


Three visits per year

Most popular

What’s included?

  • I​nspect all bulbs for diminished operation/failure

  • Replace bulbs still under warranty (ours are guaranteed for five years after installation)

  • Readjust and clean fixtures and lenses
  • Trim and maintain plants around fixtures

  • Re-bury exposed wires, if necessary

  • Inspect transformer

  • Reset timers and controls as needed
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Need a little more TLC?

If you have a larger property or your system hasn’t had maintenance in a while, we’d love to create a custom service program for you.

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On-demand maintenance calls

If you’re having issues with a timer, spot a fixture with a lamp out, or suspect another issue with your system, contact our office.

We’ll send a technician out as soon as possible to take care of it.

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Starting at $149

Our lifetime fixture guarantee

We stand by our fixtures and back all of our work with a limited lifetime warranty.

If one of our fixtures fails — for any reason other than lamp burn-out — we will repair or replace it the fixture for free. 

(After your first year post-installation, all you’ll pay are the labor costs for repair of replacement.)

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We build lifetime client relationships. Let’s start ours.

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